To deliver high performance service to our high performance customers, we’ve set up the following SALMANS® Warranty Form.

 By completing this form, you’ll enable us to verify your purchase even if you lose that all important SALMANS receipt.


General Warranty Info

·         Your SALMANS Warranty (Proof of Purchase) Form must be completed within seven days of purchase (see form below)

·         If you have already filled out the SALMANS® Warranty Form and need to replace your product, please see instructions below under "Clothing and Accessory Warranty"

·         All post-purchase product enquiries should firstly be directed to the store of purchase.  In the case that the store cannot rectify the issue, your query should be directed to the SALMANS®

·         SALMANS® Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from SALMANS or an authorized SALMANS seller. Purchasing from unauthorized sellers voids warranty. If you are unsure whether a seller is authorized to sell SALMANS, please contact info@salmanssports.com


Clothing and Accessory Warranty – 6 month


Your SALMANS® clothing and accessories are supported with a warranty on both manufacture and materials for one year from date of purchase.

SALMANS® Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from SALMANS® or an authorized seller. Purchasing from unauthorized sellers voids warranty.

SALMANS®  will choose to replace or repair any defects that occur within normal wear and tear circumstances. This covers the failure of any seams, moldings, trims, or fabrics.

SALMANS® will not replace an item under warranty for a different product. Items under warranty will be replaced by the same (or updated) product model.

SALMANS® retain the right to define normal wear and tear circumstances, but as a guideline this requires the customer to follow wash instructions and take all reasonable precautions to maintain the garment. Exposure to elements such as extreme heat, prolonged bacteria and chlorine exposure, and other harsh or abrasive substances can accelerate product degradation and void warranty.

SALMANS® will not repair or replace items that have clear physical stress such as rips and split seems, or where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or treatment.




Product that is covered by repair or warranty must have a return authorization number before being returned. SALMANS® will not accept a warranty return without a return authorization number. To receive a return number, email the below information to info@salmanssports.com

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